Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Look look! Where where!

We have decided to buy a new fridge but it is difficult to find one to fit in the available space.

CHS wants to go and LOOK at them before we decide which we want to buy.

Ok in theory but actually there are not many places where you can look.

There is Currys but last time we bought something from them the delivery was a nightmare, the cooker was a fortnight late and badly damaged.

There is John Lewis, but that means visiting the town centre, something we avoid at all costs.

CHS suggested Iceland, saying that we could then visit Wickes as it's next door.
Iceland don't sell freezers any more and Wickes moved about 2 years ago.


pollyanna said...

Could you look in Curry's and order elsewhere?
JL price match a lot of things and are good on delivery .
My big chest freezer in the garage was an Iceland buy . Good price years ago and still going strong . Shame so may things aren't easily available to the CHS of the world.
Smile and wave Hester , smile and wave!

markdebby said...

Hiya, how about checking Amazon and you will get reviews.

Frugal in Essex said...

My hubby is like CHS, lives in the past . We have similar conversations with me explaining how many years ago that particular shop disappeared.

Its lovely here

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