Monday, 13 October 2014

Gotta love that man

What a wonderful way to spend the day, at the hospital! 
My L&M HATES hospitals but came with me today as I was having drops in my eyes, 5 different sorts, these leave me unable to see properly for 5 hours, I also had to visit 2 other hospital departments hence hubby's attendance to enable me to navigate my way around.

The excitement started early when my beloved noticed I was holding a carrier bag & enquired as to why I was taking a carrier bag of crap to hospital (he probably thought I was taking some crochet with me).
I explained that I was indeed taking a carrier bag of crap with me as I had stool samples in the bag!
A few minutes later he noticed I had a small handful of something light brown that I placed in a sandwich bag & tucked into my handbag. 
'Bloody hell did you just have that in your bare hands?'
'I did' I replied, showing him my hearing aids! which I was taking in to have repaired.

So 3 departments in 2 hours & then an hour to get home as there was disruption to the bus service & 2 more hours of vision problems.

Hey ho, all done now, I'm on the waiting list for treatment for my eyes, my hearing aids now work & as for the samples, I'm burying my head in the sand until I hear back!


markdebby said...

Ahhhhh love so it is lol

Anonymous said...

Ah hope all comes back well, its always a bit nerve racking waiting for test results - whatever they may be for but sounds like you have a lovely hubby! :)

Amanda A

Anonymous said...

3 departments in 2 hours is quite good going. Hope all ends well.
Like your hubby, I am very short sighted so can relate to his concern about what you may have been putting into your bag. Good on him!

Linda Metcalf said...

Poor Hubby! A really fun hospital visit.... :)

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