Thursday, 12 December 2013

I need to get sorted

I'm worn out, I'm grumpy & I look like shit. I'm not sleeping well, I'm getting woken up by a neighbour & my L&M's shift pattern doesn't help. One more day left of this week but I've a lot to do at the weekend, including defrosting one of my freezers. Then one more week to get through, am I going to make it? I can but try.
I shall try to rest at the weekend, I need to take DGD Norah to gym club on Friday at 4:30 for an hour & DGD Eileen is visiting for a couple of hours on Saturday, I don't want to give up these visits as they are a treat for me & my L&M.
So onwards & upwards, all I can do is keep slogging away & try my best.

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Anonymous said...

Take care and try to slow down when you can. I used to hate this time of year in school and everyone seemed to think it was a skive in paradise in the run up to Christmas. Christmas usually came to our family around Christmas Eve as I was always too knackered to do anything before that. As we have no little ones in the family, our treat now is to do as we please which may mean breaking open the £2 tin and asking the patron saint of food and drink to indulge us with some yummy treats.

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