Saturday, 7 December 2013

There is always room for another one

DGD Norah is fast asleep in the spare bed, she is in the middle, surrounded by teddies, snuggled under the duvet & there is a fluffy blanket on top of the duvet & her beloved Arsenal blanket (fleece) is around her shoulders. She hasn't slept without the blanket since she was a babe, it is huge, big enough for a single bed & a strange shape as a large square has been cut from one corner & was used when she was in the buggy.
I took her to gym club last night, we then came home to drop her overnight bag off & went out again to look at a neighbours house as it is covered in Christmas lights. The garden is full of strings of lights, Santa's, snowmen & reindeer. We returned home, had tea & played a very complicated game with the seven teddies where Norah was running the gym club & some of the teddies were very naughty. Later we drove to work to pick up my L&M, Norah had a wash, cleaned her teeth, I read her a story & she fell asleep almost instantly.
When I collected her yesterday her little sister Eileen said, 'I like your house Nana, me come too?' I promised her she could come next time, she was upset but eventually agreed to wait as long as she could have the photo I keep of my L&M on my key ring. When I drop Norah home I'll see if Eileen wants to come back with me, if she's changed her mind about an immediate visit, she can visit next Saturday.
I have to go to the local sorting office this morning as there are 5 parcels waiting for me, I have no idea what they can be as I only have one parcel outstanding.
I'm still waiting to find out if we have visitors for lunch tomorrow or nor, I'm going to cook Moroccan lamb or pork & leeks in cider, if they are coming over, if not I will do a pork chop with roasties for my L&M

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markdebby said...

Grandkids are a blessing. Have a nice weekend.

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