Thursday, 7 March 2019


I visited DD1 on Tuesday, when I arrived I let myself in and Albie came towards me rumbling. He is still a bit cautious with people sometimes. 

He wasn't growling, his hackles weren't up but he makes a rumbling noise when he greets you.

As he got nearer he cocked his head to one side then stepped smartly up to me and sat down, looking at me expectantly.

He'd obviously smelt the dog treat in my pocket and he knows he only gets a great if he's sitting down.

I know some breeds of dog 'talk' I had a friend with a Rottweiler that used to rumble and chunter when I visited.
Some people were scared as they thought he was growling but he wasn't. He was just making conversation.

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Chris said...

I think dogs are a lot better at expressing their feelings than cats (and this is from a "cat person").


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