Sunday, 22 May 2022


 Thank you for all your kind comments.

I was in a foul mood as there were a couple of outings that had been arranged and then were cancelled.  These were belated birthday treats from November so when Steve announced that we wouldn't be cruising with friends it was the icing on the cake.

Steve feels that the double locking until we get to the Thames will be too much for me. He is always very aware that I am slower than he is when doing the locks and is embarrassed by my shortcomings. Because we have a widebeam weren't get both boats in one lock so in effect we do each lock twice.?

JanF,  Steve has bought new trousers for the wedding I shall wear a summer dress that I bought from Global Mandala, I've hardly worn it so it looks new.

Witch Hazel, life would be so much easier if I had a support network but constantly moving means that I don't. I'm hoping this will be our last year of being constantly on the move.

Flis, yes it is very disheartening.

Thank you Wendy, Ellen, Patsyann, Chris, Deb and Pam.

Kate, Steve's enthusiasm far outweighs his actual abilities.

Rambler, one of my daughters is giving us a lift to the station and caring for Beano on the day. The brother that is getting married doesn't drive so his GF and family drive him around, Steve is desperate to go to the wedding so we will have to try. It is Steve's brother getting married but it's my daughter that is helping us. We get no help from Steve's family at all.


Catriona said...

Fingers crossed that all goes well and you get to the wedding with no hitches. Wish I lived nearer so that we could actually meet, chat and spend some time together. 💕

ShellyC said...

Sounds like life can get very 'lonely' at times. It's hard when you get no help coping with a stroke patient.
My mom could be a bit of a nightmare sometimes. Very contrary and difficult at times. Saying something and then denying it!!

JanF said...

I hope you feel appreciated and supported by your readers. I, for one, just love reading all your news and I am excited that you will go to the wedding. Dress up as well as you can and enjoy mixing with folk as much as you personally wish too. There well may be someone there you will enjoy meeting.
I am a caregiver too.

Debby said...

I agree with Jan. Dress up and enjoy the time with other people. Your isolation sometimes worries me.

Lyssa Medana said...

Keeping everything crossed for you. I hope that you can get some comfort knowing that all the people here are wishing you well. x

Its lovely here

But I can't wait to move.  Steve isn't coping well with the change. He's now insisting on eating more junk food. His mum was a l...