Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Moving on

We have moved on again, we stayed long enough to watch the River Rescue guys break up and remove a boat that was hit by a falling tree, had fish and chips and very nice they were too.  Then we visited the nearby Co-op, bought milk and bread and set off.

We were warned that there was no room at Midgham and assumed we'd have to travel further but luckily there was a space and we moored up near Mark and Julie from Weir on the move, they have a YouTube channel.

We had a bit of excitement last night, there was a message on FB asking if anyone was near lock 92, a boater had been taken Ill and an ambulance had been called but was having trouble locating the boat. We walked to the road to flag it down. I don't like the particular boater he's sexist, misogynist, racist and dirty and he's been on his current mooring for 5 months despite it being 14 day. He constantly overstays and is a thorn in the side of CRT. However we went to help as there was obviously a problem. He is currently in hospital and I'm hoping to get an update in a few days.


Ellen D. said...

Nice of you to help the boater who was ill.

Lyssa Medana said...

It's good of you to help that boater out.

I know that the Co-op can be a little more expensive, but I like it as a shop. Hoping that you are staying safe.

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