Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Can't tell my fish from my chips.

Sometimes on a Friday we have a takeaway, either fish and chips or a Chinese.

Last week we had fish and chips it was very tasty but I couldn't tell until the food was in my mouth wether I had a mouthful of fish or chips, that how bad my eyesight is now. Chinese food is easier, the rice is mainly white and as I usually have satay it's usually peanut butter colour.

Steve is still refusing to mix with the neighbours, heaven knows what tale of woe he will tell them if/when he finally gets over his self isolation. I will be blamed I'm sure. 

All I can do is carry on and hope for the best though it is irritating to be blamed  for Steve's decisions.


ana s. said...

So glad you have landed in a safe spot. Personally I would gently tell the neighbors about Steve's stroke just in case they might take offense at something he might say or do and not understand.

flis said...

Mine is very convincing with others and appears fine-This facade only needs to last minutes-He knows this-and can't maintain it though - To take the attention from himself he likes to talk about me x

A Smaller Life said...

I would suggest that you get in there first with the neighbours and let them know about Steve and his ways, nothing derogatory, just some of the facts. I bet there is a bit of talk going round the place about your slightly invisible hubby anyway. People do like to make up stories when they don't have facts.

Col said...

I'm with Sue at 'A Smaller Life'.
You don't have to tell the neighbours much about Steve, just let them know about his stroke and how it has affected him, being unsociable, seeming unfriendly etc.
As Sue says, people will make up stories, so get in there and give them the truth.
Take care.
Col. X

Yellow Shoes said...

Good advice from Smaller Life and Col.
You'll find the right words to say without feeling disloyal to Steve.

Yellow Shoes said...

Good advice from Smaller Life and Col.
You'll find the right words to say without feeling disloyal to Steve.

kate steeper said...

oh the joys of living with someone with a brain injury , the other day i had the same anecdote over 30 times in one day , i could have cheerfully put a pillow over his head , but then he had a nap and it was like someone had pressed the reset button.

My Piece of Earth said...

I agree with many of the previous comments, good advise for sure.

My Mother had macular degeneration and experienced similar eye issues you have, sorry there is nothing that can be done to help you, nothing could help my Mum either.

Just be very careful when out and about, I don't want to read you had a fall.


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