Tuesday 2 May 2023

Feeling calmer.

 I'm feeling calmer today about the neighbour who was lurking outside my door.

I shall have words with her and explain how much she scared me.

If she persists I shall report her to the management.

I find the knowledge that I'm going blind scary enough without dealing with idiots dressed in camouflage.

I also have Steve to contend with, I have to ensure he doesn't do anything stupid.

Corinne, the garden is lit at night, it's not in darkness, but I still can't see properly.

I think you get a selection of weirdos wherever you live, when we were on the boat there were frequently alcoholics to deal with. Always deciding to move their boats once they have had a skinful, and crashing into other nearby vessels. Also the people who lived on boats as they found other people hard to deal with.


Ellen D. said...

Glad you are feeling better. Hopefully, your neighbor will understand when you explain your situation. Most would want to help, not hurt, you.

Chris said...

Good you have a plan in case the neighbour continues to be a problem. There are scary people everywhere, unfortunately.

Corinne said...

I do admire how you deal with all that life throws at you!
Wishing you happier days and lots of sunshine.xx

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