Tuesday 30 May 2023

Where is home to you?

For me, the answer is nowhere.

My parents divorced when I was a teenager and I moved to a bedsit,  I've moved so many times since then that there is nowhere I feel is home.

I've lived in Lincolnshire, London, Bristol and many areas in Berkshire.

For me, it's a case of Wherever I lay my hat, that's my home.

I'm happy where I am now, there are people around, unlike on the boat where Steve always moored away from other people.

I had a neighbour years ago who complained bitterly about living so far from her home village even though it was only half a mile away.

I didn't stay long at the BBQ as it was a bit too peopley, I struggle to hear in large social occasions, I used to rely on my lip-reading skills  but I can't see well enough to go that any more

Steve claims he is unhappy but whether he really is or whether he just has to complain I'm not sure.

I will try Beano on grain free food but as his allergy is seasonal I'm not sure it will help. He has an allergy shampoo already and refused to take his steroid medication, even when it was crushed into his food. He also refused antihistamines.

There is a chilly  breeze today so I'm wearing leggings under my dress, purple leggings under a dark red dress. They clash, but there is only a couple of inches of leggings showing as my summer dresses are almost ankle length. It's one of the joys of being a shortarse, the dress should be just below my knee.

I bought some Snag leggings, three pairs, one each blue, shocking pink and purple. Steve hates them, he would like me dressed head to toe in black. The leggings are brilliant, quite thick and best of all they have pockets!


Diary of a Nobody said...

Have you tried giving Beano his meds in cheese , we put our dogs meds in a piece of camembert, they soon wolf it down , or in some peanut butter.

Sue said...

I'm another one who gives our dogs any medication in cheese, it's the only time they get the stuff and they love it. If I have no cheese in I dunk the tablet in some peanut butter, that works a charm too.

Like you home is where I lay my hat and feed the dogs, I have lived in so many places since getting married at 18, divorced, on my own and then with my hubby now. I started off in numerous locations around Greater Manchester, moved to four different places in Cumbria, then Calcot in Berkshire, on to Oxfordshire, back to Berkshire ... but Pangbourne this time, then it was our home in North Wales, and now I'm back in a small town in Lancashire ... having been in three different properties here one of them a caravan.

flis said...

My vet said that dogs can be allergic to grass and so after a while he didn't think I needed to continue the search for an answer as she is coping - I used to listen to my dearly beloved when he remarked about my choices - Now at almost 64 years of age ( and looking at His attire and mop) - I bloomin wear what I please - Your clothes sound great by the way x

Anonymous said...

Your choice of very colourful leggings/clothes is the fight back to your own identity, may I say you are a saint with all difficulties that you are coping with. 🙏 xx. Jan in Castle Gresley

Ellen D. said...

I grew up in Lombard, IL and moved to Naperville, IL when I was in high school. Naperville is only 15 minutes drive from Lombard. I live in Naperville now for many years so I guess I consider Naperville my home.
Your purple tights with the dark red dress sounds terrific to me! Comfy is most important now when it comes to what I should wear! :)

Joan (Devon) said...

I wouldn't worry about the colours of your dress and leggings, after all they are our late Queen's horse racing colours.

Although I left Yorkshire 53 years ago it will always be my home, Devon a close second.

For our dog's itching my husband gives him Lorotadine pills, an antihistimine.

kate steeper said...

Dads family are Lincolnshire mothers are Cheshire during my schooldays in the 60s and 70s we had nine houses in 10 years back and forth over the Pennines . ive just settled for Lincolnshire now though ive lived allover the county...lol

the veg artist said...

I think I'm quite rare these days in that I live about 10 miles from where I was born in West Wales, into a large family of farmers on one side and builders on the other. On both sides I can trace my family back locally to great-great-greats. I was actually born in a house built by my grandfather, where my father had also been born. My husband, a Londoner, is keen on family history. I'm not, particularly. I can just go into the village churchyard and point - there, there, there...... - mostly related!

Marjorie said...

Home is where I am. Though I will confess I may have a hard time leaving the real North when I go to see my eldest son. It is where I started out. My son lives 200 miles south of the Arctic Circle and I came from a bit farther south.

Corinne said...

I've lived in 5 houses in my 64 years, all within 5 miles of where we are now, in North West County Durham. I can remember my great grandmother, a very old lady with soft paper like skin. At least to a 4 year old that's how she seemed to me! Our daughter traced our family tree back to my great, great, great grandparents, born in the early 1800's. Some ancestors came from Cornwall looking for work in the coal mines after the tin mines closed. My granda wanted to see where his dad had been born. When he saw it he remarked he wasn't surprised when he saw the very steep hills up from the sea!

Col said...

I grew up in our family house on the prom, lived a few roads back when I got married, inherited the house from my parents, so moved back in, and stayed there until moving one road back from the promenade to this bungalow and signing the family home over to our son and daughter in law. I grew up in a beautiful house, with a huge back garden and the promenade and beach right opposite our front windows, so did our son, and now our grandson's doing the same! X
My husband has only lived in four houses, his family home, our first married home, our house on the prom' and now the bungalow, and he's only moved eleven miles in his life.
When you're born in a wonderful place, we see no reason to ever leave.
We've travelled extensively, worldwide, but have never been tempted to live anywhere else! X

LameWolf said...

I never felt that anywhere I lived was "home" - only a place to eat and sleep; until I moved in with the wonderful man I then married the following year. That was in 2002, and I was 42 at the time. To me, it's not so much the place that's important, but the happiness within that place; and finding someone who actually loved me was what mattered.
Sadly, that wonderful man passed away in February this year; but the bungalow we shared for 21 lovely years remains my home, as all my happy memories are here, and it will remain my home until they carry me out feet first.

As for clothing colours; I often wear a red top with a purple skirt, and I think they look perfectly ok together, because the material they are made of is similar (that sort of velvety stuff that I don't know the proper name for). If anyone else thinks otherwise, that's their prerogative, and no-one's forcing them to look at me.
Personally, I wouldn't take a blind bit of notice of what Steve wants you to wear, go for what you feel good in.

Anonymous said...

I used to give my dog his meds in a sardine and hold a biscuit or other favourite treat in front of him with my other hand,he would gobble the sardine with the meds in as fast as he could because he'd be focussed on the favourite treat,worked every time

Anonymous said...

With a dog that's not interested on eating, it's sometimes difficult to get medication down.. sometimes I just crush the pill and mix it with water and use a syringe to get it deep down the throat. Works for cats, too. But you need to be sure that the pill can be crushed, sometimes they must ne swallowed as whole.
My home is here in my home village. There is 8 houses of my family, 5 of another family ( not related to us)... My family, just like ALL original villagers were refugees from Soviet Union during WW2. The had to leave everything behind, houses, land, forests, most of the furniture, their loved ones at the graveyard... everything. So this small piece of land I own, bought from my grandparents, is much more important to me than just a house and a garden and a forest. It' s more than a home. It is my roots, my history, everything my family Lost 80 years ago. I have lived in this village most of my life, and I will do all I can to keep living here.

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