Sunday 7 May 2023


Corinne, I've read the guidelines and will bear them in mind.

Coronation party today in the garden under two gazebos, I'm making some sandwiches and chocolate brownies.

I'm looking forward to the party but I'm worried about Steve's behaviour, I'm never quite sure how he will react to things.

I'm expecting Steve to criticise the sandwiches and the cake I make, that's par for the course. He is unlikely to insist on taking over as the last time he did this he realised that he didn't have my skillset.

Allegedly he is leaving here next year, I'm not sure where he is going, he thought originally that I would leave with him. But I'm staying put while I can. I like it here. I'm not sure why he thinks I'd leave, he can't stand me, so why would be expect me to go with him. I will have to leave after he leaves as I cannot afford to live here alone.

Friday there was cake and prosecco in the garden for someone's bday which was nice, Beano came into the garden with me and behaved very well. I think he is benefiting from seeing the same people all the time, instead of the constant changes when we were on the boat.

There was another dog in the garden which barked when it saw the local cat. Beano joined in and everyone was surprised as they'd never heard him bark before.

Spending time in the garden with other people made me determined not to focus on the few unpleasant people here and to concentrate on the rest of the residents.


Catriona said...

How lovely that you were able to have a pleasant afternoon with your neighbours celebrating a birthday. I hope today’s lunch goes well too. Catriona

Col said...

Hope your party goes well, and that Steve, if he attends, behaves himself!
Have a good day! X

flis said...

I've had an unpleasant morning with mine -Yesterday I have him a few home truths -He has not the star today - I have a street party today-He didn't want th th - I've paid my con.retribution for the singer and am escaping - Taking bought cakes though - I've suggested today would be be happier single -He's stoped off into another room - Such am delight - Enjoy your doo x

flis said...

Sorry about my comment not making sense - I meant to say he has the arse today - and He has stomped into another room x

Ellen D. said...

You have the right idea to focus on the friendly neighbors and enjoy what you can.

Rambler said...

So nice to read that you took Beano into the garden with you and met some nice neighbours; I hope you can do that on a regular basis. Gradually as you really get to know people, they can be given an idea of what life is like with a stroke victim and be more able to understand his odd moods and comments. You need a better social life so that you're not so badly affected by Steve. Incidentally, if Steve did manage to leave you there alone, you would more than likely be eligible for benefits that would enable you to afford the rent/housing benefit, etc. so please don't think you would be homeless. Maybe it's time to get some proper advice about where you would stand if Steve were to go . . . ?

Jaccs said...

Oh it tugs at my heart strings when I see you write how Steve is now, I have been following you since you were working at the school and Steve was a caretaker at another school, I wish you well and luck follows you down the right path and you find peace!! Xx

Lyssa Medana said...

Sending all hugs and I know that Beano is a credit to you.


When one of the residents went into the attic above the summer house they discovered that the roof was leaking. The manager organised a coup...