Thursday 1 June 2023

Social events

I no longer attend the afternoon social events in the summer house where I live. My hearing its so poor now that I can't follow a conversation. I still go to the quiz mornings as fewer people attend and Barbara prints the questions for me.

I used to rely on lip reading to back up my lack of hearing but now I can no longer see well enough to lip read.

I can still manage one to one conversations but groups are really difficult.

I have an audiology appointment in a week, hopefully they can help improve my hearing.

On the bright side this has given Steve an excuse to have a rant about how he gave up the boat as I couldn't manage it any more. And now I'm not taking advantage of the events on offer here.

Steve had another excuse to rant today when a parcel arrived from Amazon. He stormed into the living room, " More carp you've ordered from Amazon! " 

it was something he'd ordered and nothing to do with me.


Living Alone in Your 60's said...

I had a little giggle reading the Amazon story. I feel for you, I'm slightly deaf in one ear which gets worse when there is background noise.

Sharon in Surrey said...

I'm afraid I would've killed Steve long ago. At least you get room & board and peace & quiet with free medical in jail.

flis said...

Mine was not happy earlier as he has announced that he wants pizza for tea - I informed him that there was no pizza here and also reminded him he doesn't like pizza - He had a tantrum - This man before retirement worked in an office and must have then behaved in a civilised manner x

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