Tuesday 13 June 2023

What can i do?

I was just walking Beano this morning when a neighbour turned up to speak to Steve. 

He and Harry have built a bench and she wanted to point out where it needed to be positioned.

Said neighbour had found the bench, badly damaged, she collected the bits in her car and Steve and Harry rebuilt and re-stained it.

It looks good, she has another project for Steve to do, so he and Harry visited her flat for more details. I've no idea what the next project is but she's doing her best to keep Steve busy as she knows he's not happy here. 

She has a two bedroom flat, she sleeps in the small bedroom and uses the larger one as her sewing room.

Her sewing room really got me thinking, I miss my hobbies, I wish I could still see enough to continue with them. I don't even cook anymore as Steve will only eat shop bought food. The nearest I get to cooking now is boiling hardboiled eggs for my lunch.

I will look on Amazon for a macrame kit I think and see if I can do that.

I'm hoping to get out and about more once I have my new hearing aids, it's currently very difficult to use the bus service as I can't hear what the driver is saying.


Rural Reads said...

Hi, I don't know what this called, but there is a very traditional craft for making cords, leads, lanyards etc. It is similar to plaiting, in that you feel the cords and work repetitively. I don't do it, but the simplest one, which we used to do with reeds growing round a pond, took four strands.Bottom right corner went over bottom left bottom left goes over top left, top left goes over top right, etc it might be cord making,I'm not sure. I have seen a fancy version using a wooden tool a little bigger than a fork, with the tines between first and last removed. You could make dog leads, or use finer yarns, maybe embroidery thread to make a cord to hold specs round your neck! Good luck, Sine

Chris said...

A new hobby is a great idea. Seems like Steve has picked up something he will enjoy doing too!

flis said...

Unfortunately mine's retirement has not been as I envisioned - in fact I found it a nightmare with the in-laws adding problems - It's best if he does his thing and I do mine - It's much better all round - and more peacefull x

John Berry (he/him) said...

Some deaf people carry a little pad with 'please write it down, I'm deaf' at the top of the page.

Anonymous said...

My nana did chunky crochet and knitting as her sight failed, she’d done it so long she could feel her way through, she sometimes used a light and magnifying glass to assist her.
I still have the blanket she crocheted me
I wonder if that might work for you xx

Anonymous said...

my gran used to volunteer with the RNIB many years ago. The blind & partially sited folk used to make tea trays and fruit bowls,baskets and lots of other stuff & then they'd be sold to raise funds. I don't know if they still do things like this but might be worth contacting them to find out?
How bout arm knitting in chunky wool? you could maybe make some blanket for gifts or yourself of course and even some to sell ?


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