Wednesday 28 June 2023

Trip into town.

I caught the bus into town y'day, the bank had blocked my account because of suspected fraud.

The fraud was me trying to withdraw money last week in the branch from my account!!

Hopefully my account is now marked with information explaining that I can neither see or hear properly.

I got lost coming home as I couldn't find the bus stop, what an idiot. I probably won't go into town alone again as it's difficult to get about. Or I'll have to get a taxi home.

Bits have started to arrive for our new shower, they are filling up the living room! It's difficult for me to climb into the bath tub despite the selection of hand rails attached to the walls. So we are having a walk in shower fitted. I know that when we sell, this could be a problem but as it is at the moment, I'm likely to break my neck, which would be even more of a problem!

The plumber was supposed to be coming on Friday but is delayed on his current job so is coming on Monday.

We received a letter from the housing association, the wording was ambiguous, Steve decided it meant one thing, some of the residents thought in meant something else.

When I arrived home Steve asked me for my opinion. I said the letter wasn't clear and we should ask for clarification. Steve immediately got into a strop and went out to a pub.

One of my favourite sayings is "When the going gets tough, the tough fcuk off down the pub!


Frugal in Essex said...

Mine doesnt fuck off down the pub but he does get the net litre of booze out of the cupboard and proceed to drink it. Roll on him buying his own place. At least I don't get the drunk sarcasm now because he's living in MY HOUSE!!!!!!!

A Smaller and Simpler Life said...

I'm glad you got the banking problem sorted out, it can be so frustrating can't it.

My Mum is in a similar property to you and a few years ago she had a walk-in shower fitted in the space where the bath used to be, if anything it has really enhanced her bathroom and thus the saleability of her little bungalow, and it meant she kept her independence for a while longer. It would only be a problem if your property was being advertised for sale as being suitable for young families.

flis said...

The delightful one here does not appear to want my opinion on things - though I do try to help as I can see problems arising before he does - but as he is so obstinate and he does it hIs way - it usually backfires on him - He then stomps off to bed - What a pity x


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