Thursday 15 June 2023

Some he made earlier

This was part of the garden area as it was first cleared.
Part of the flower bed that was just gravel when we first moved in.
Another flower bed freshly planted.
Another resident found this bench with many missing/rotten slats. She collected the pieces and asked Steve and Harry to repair it.


A Smaller and Simpler Life said...

It's looking lovely Sue.

We have the same bench, ours was bought as two rusty cast iron ends and my hubby fitted oak slats to them after I rubbed them down and painted them with Hammerite. It's still looking good a few years later. Hopefully you will be able to sit out with Beano and enjoy the nice weather.

flis. said...

It's good Steve has Harry to occupy him sometimes - It gives you a breather - And it looks good too x

Ellen D. said...

That's looking nice!

Catriona said...

Great job on the garden and bench. Catriona


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