Friday 16 June 2023

Two fridges

We have two fridges, one in the bedroom and one, a smaller one in the kitchen. This one was here when we moved in.

The bedroom fridge is full of Fosters and coke, in the door are two small cans of lemon and ginger  kombucher these are mine. The drawer at the bottom of the fridge contains a few onions and some potatoes.

The fridge in the kitchen is full of sausage rolls, mini sausages, Scotch eggs and pork pies. There is also a dozen eggs, a sliced gammon joint and some cooked chicken drumsticks.

The drawer at the bottom contains lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions and an avocado. The door contains mayonaise, milk, OJ and some pickle.

Steve is finally satisfied with the fridge contents!


Sooze said...

My OH always wants to fill our (relatively small) caravan fridge up with cans and bottles of drink....I have to be firm and tell him no, as food is more important!

flis said...

Mine eats so much processed food - He doesn't want mm,.mmwhat I cooked for over 30 years for him when he was working - We have completely different food - He has to have lots of different biscuits,cakes,chocolate on the shelves and must keep it stocked - and his " sweeties " as his calls them now - So childish - He is so skinny though x

flis said...

Sorry about the m's - I have cracks on my tablet x

kate steeper said...

mine has the whole fridge full of pickles chutneys and endless barbecue sauces he uses them a couple of times then i have to creative recycle them into the slow cooker during the winter

Col said...

My husband seems to think our fridge is magically expandable, it doesn't matter whether it's filled to the gunwales, he'll see something he wants, and buy it anyway, even if there's just no space for it in the fridge.
Fortunately I'm an expert at fridge Jenga! X


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