Monday 5 June 2023

Small joys

Many things I used to enjoy I can now no longer do.

I can't see well enough to knit, crochet or sew, I've never watched much tv and now only watch Sewing Bee. We probably should have purchased a large tv but as Steve never watches it, it seemed pointless. Also it would have overpowered our small living room.

So I look for small joys on a daily basis. This time of year there are many. 

Flowers in peoples gardens.

Weeds on the verges, as they weren't cut during no mow May. We have a lot of Shepherds Purse and Plantain round here.

Children on bikes or skipping along the pavement.

Dogs being walked, though we cross the road if the dogs are big or bouncy as Beano is a grumpy old man.

The view from my window of the garden where I live. There are some lovely flowers in the garden and birds visit the bird bath and feeders. One part of the garden is bedecked with fairy lights, metallic twisters and a multitude of decorations.


Ellen D. said...

I think that is what we all do as we get older. Look for the things that can still make us smile or laugh. It helps to keep us from getting too sad and depressed. Glad you have small joys in your life!

flis said...

I try to remind myself of that quote "learn to dance it the rain" plus I put a forced smile on my face and then it seems to make me happier strangely x

Angela said...

I think it was Richard E Grant who said in an interview that he looked for "a pocketful of happiness in every day" - just a little special something to make him smile.

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