Sunday 4 June 2023


 I make no secret of the fact that i hate housework and do as little as possible. That doesn't mean that we live in a tip, some days I don't have much energy and what little I have is used on walking Beano. Steve won't walk him so I have to.

I love our little flat, it is definitely compact and bijou and unlike the boat I can sit on the sofa and look out the window at the garden. I can watch the residents passing my window or doing some gardening. I can also see the birds using the bird bath, especially the crow that visits many times a day. I can watch Greebo stalking birds or sunning himself, although he is currently visiting the vet once or twice a week. There is nothing wrong with Greebo but his owner has mental health problems and is convinced he is unwell. The vet has diagnosed stress, caused by a neighbouring white cat and is making a fortune providing endless pills and potions for Greebo.

One part of the garden is decorated with metallic garden decorations and is illuminated at night by 14 sets of twinkling lights. The garden also contains innumerable stone dogs and a huge stone dragon.  I like a garden that is crammed full of plants and colour but some of the beds here have huge expanses of hard earth between the plants. This seems to me a waste of good soil.

Today is a good day energy wise so I've bottomed out the kitchen, swept and washed the floor. Emptied, washed and refilled the boxes containing stuff that won't fit in the kitchen cupboards. A box of assorted tinned food and a box containing all the herbs and spices that Steve wanted and now never used as he will only eat ready prepared, frozen meals. I used to enjoy cooking but as everything I cook is shite, I no longer bother.

I will sort the three wall cupboards next, I'm keen to find out just how many bottles of BBQ sauce we have. I loath the stuff but Steve loves it and every time he finds a new make, he buys it. I'm tempted to pour some of the half empty bottles in together to make more room.

I may leave the three floor cupboards for another day, I'm sure I'll have another energetic day soon.


Chris said...

Amalgamating all the bottles into one seems like a great idea! D'you think he'll notice?

kate steeper said...

Steve and Mr Bah Humbug are evil twins with the endless barbecue sauces , mine also has a chutney fetish their are at least 10 jars open ive been hiding them in quiches for weeks

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