Friday 2 June 2023


I used to do all the shopping, I used to go early in the morning at the crack of sparrowfart to avoid the crowds.

Then Steve decided he wanted to come with me, only this meant going mid morning as he doesn't like to get up early. This meant the supermarket was busy and he complained about the other shoppers.

So I suggested shopping online, he agreed and this is what we now do.

Unfortunately this went tits up y'day and this morning's delivery had many items missing. It seems Steve had noticed the website dropping out but didn't think to check if anything was missing.

I mentioned the lack of eggs but he didn't think this was important as he only eats two eggs a week and we had three in the fridge. I eat a lot of eggs, mainly hard boiled in sandwiches or with a salad.

Then he realised the cans of coke were missing along with other things he likes.

He's just set off for Aldi to purchase the missing items. I hope he remembers the eggs, they are written on the list.


flis said...

Oh dear - When mine returns from a supermarket for his stuff I tend to disappear as more often than not he's stressed with Everything about anything during his outing x

Catriona said...

I’d eat the three eggs for my lunch if I were you and if he forgets the eggs then he misses out. Catriona

Moira said...

I am finding eggs difficult to find, got some in Tesco yesterday. I have one and hubby has two for breakfast so we need two dozen a week as I also bake. Good luck

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