Thursday 29 June 2023

All is revealed

As I said in my last post, when I arrived home on Tuesday after visiting the bank, Steve was in a strop about a letter.  When I pointed out that the information in the letter was ambiguous, he was most annoyed and buggered off down the pub.

Yesterday I went to the coffee morning in the summer house, a resident had opened up and was hovering in the doorway. She wanted to speak to me as she's was concerned that she may have upset Steve. She too felt the information in the letter could have more than one interpretation and said so.

I reassured her and explained that Steve was always convinced he was right and that she shouldn't worry about it. I did ask if she'd been worried that he'd be aggressive but she was merely concerned that he'd been upset.

So just for a change it wasn't me that pissed Steve off!



A Smaller and Simpler Life said...

It's always nice to be able to share the 'pissing off' duties isn't it. ;-)

flis said...

I think people do notice when they act oddly and it's good to hear someone else voice that - I can no longer keep mine's behaviour quiet -And he knows it - Much better for me - though he is displeased x

Anonymous said...

most men are god-awful. There is no point to others telling you to leave him. If a woman is not built (mentally, emotionally and physically) for the single life (certainly not you), then there is no point to leaving her husband. Time and time again, it only means that they have exchanged a bastard of one sort for a bastard of another sort. Emotionally and historically, women, as a sex, revel in being sacrificial lamb and glory in turning the other cheek. At least, your husband is not a complete monster. He cooks and helps you when you need it, just as you would help him. There is nothing better out there, darling. Lisa Expatriate in the Sun


When one of the residents went into the attic above the summer house they discovered that the roof was leaking. The manager organised a coup...