Thursday 30 May 2024

Car park war has broken out again.

Two sets of new owners have moved in, two couples with two cars to each couple. 

As usual they have purchased their flats and believed every word the estate agent has told them.

There are thirteen parking spaces between 28 flats! 

The parking spaces are small, narrow and short, we currently have a two residents who own large 4 x 4 vehicles. There is only one space big enough for their cars, so they squabble over it.

It's not rocket science is it, there aren't enough spaces for everyone to have a car never mind two cars.

It doesn't bother us, we neither of us drive so don't own a car. I think if we had, we would have checked there was room for us to park before we purchased a flat here.


Rambler said...

So where is there to put their cars? Street parking? Spare ground? Slab over their front gardens? Sounds like a nightmare - but why on earth would anyone buy a property before checking there's room for their vehicles???

Margaret said...

Same the world round. In New Zealand where we have less people and more land we have the same squabbles.

Nelliegrace said...

Enjoy the live theatre.

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