Friday 24 May 2024

Out to lunch.

 Steve took me for lunch today, I had chicken served with flatbread, it was lovely, though somewhat spoilt by Steve's non-stop moaning. Fortunately it was very noisy in the pub, so I've no idea what he was moaning about.

Our neighbour Pat came round, she wants to hold a BBQ for her birthday and Steve has volunteered to cook for her. We're hoping Betty will do the salads, if not, I'll do them.

I went to the summer house this afternoon, Harry was holding forth. Like a lot of men, he loves the sound of his own voice. Sometimes it's good to be deaf. I didn't stay long, I go for conversation but there was none. Just Harry lecturing everyone about something he knows nothing about.

I've developed a small black spot on my eye, or I should probably say a small blank spot. It's making it difficult to read and reading is all I have left.

Steve is listening to music and getting rat arsed, deep joy! 


Ellen D. said...

You sound so unhappy. Have you seen a therapist to talk about your troubles and try to work out some solutions for your problems? Your sight, your hearing, your husband - is there nothing that can be done about any of it? I'm sorry you have so much to deal with and hope you can find someone to help.

Hazel.(wh) said...

Sorry to hear about your vision. I'm wonderingnif it's macular disorder? If so,mit may be possible to prevent it getting worse by having injections. My Dad left it very late to get help and lost the sight in one eye. Injections prevented the other side worsening f for about 8 years.

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