Friday 17 May 2024


We have our shopping delivered on Friday,  between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

I've been doing my shopping online for many years now.

But I'm no longer to be trusted to do this as I was spending too much money so Steve has taken over.

I'm not bothered as I can walk to Aldi or Lidl if I want anything.

I also prefer fresh fruit and vegetables which is why I now get a box delivered every week.

The shopping is, in fact, more expensive as Steve prefers to buy 'named brands' but that is his choice.

He is currently not speaking to me and has gone into town in a strop, to the pub.

My sin was to snap at him, something I rarely do. 

Before the shopping arrives Steve likes to pace, he checks the time continually and paces between our flat and the car park. He can spend easily half an hour doing this.

Once the shopping is here Steve starts to move it into the flat. If I help by moving some of the shopping, he complains because I'm getting in his way when he is sorting the shopping. Other times he complains because I'm not helping him.

Often I walk Beano when the shopping arrives just to get out the way.

Today I noticed that I still had part of last week's loaf left, so I put this week's in the freezer.

Ye gods, you'd have thought I was packing live babies into the freezer.

Steve went into a full blown panic, I lost my temper and told him to shut up and stop moaning.


Sooze said...

Wouldn't it be nice if your retaliation made him stop and think? I had words with mine this morning as he wouldn't listen to me when we were doing a job together, but forged ahead in his usual slapdash way, completely ignoring what I was saying. Which meant I then had the job of trying to rectify his shoddy work.

Anonymous said...

Ye gods! I do not understand how you cope with this monster. I know that writing it down on your blog helps, but does not solve the problems. Maybe start throwing your weight about a bit more and talk more about spitting up, as he complains so much. It shut him up for 5 minutes the other week! Blessings to you and Beano, sent with love from Sandra.

Sue said...

You do well to only snap at him so infrequently, I would be a right snappy cow 24/7. My hubby knows this and sensibly keeps out of my way. ;-)

Lyssa Medana said...

Sometimes they just have to be told.

And 'not talking' can sound an awful lot like 'peace and quiet' if you frame it right.

Sending hugs x

flis said...

Do you think it possible that Steve has a long lost twin brother -if so he may be ranting here x

Anonymous said...

Well done Hester!! that's twice in a couple of weeks that you've given him, his answer.
Keep doing that and you may get through to him that your not going to tolerate his bullying behaviour.
Onwards and upwards
Anne x

My Piece of Earth said...

I really don't know how you cope with this man. He deserves to be spoken to as you have done more often. If he was mine, he would have had it with both barrels.

Keep doing it, maybe he will get the message.

Karla said...

Lord - had a snap at mine last night. He feels he has to correct me and tell me what to do, and often. We can only take so much. As my counselor says, it's up to me to speak up for myself and if I don't, he won't know he is hurtful and will continue on, much like a dog that continues to pee on the floor. Can't smack them with a newspaper on the 25th time they do it, it must be done each time. Relationships are hard work, especially so with someone who's had a brain injury. I feel for you, so very much.

Joyce Forbush said...

I do not know how you stay so patient. I can be a shouter!

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