Monday, 25 August 2014

Co-pilot perils

The new car is not proving to be a economical as my L&M had hoped, this is, of course, all to do with me 'giving it too much welly', driving too slowly, not reading the manual, putting fuel in too often. It has nothing to do with the fact that hubby wants to go out & about as often as possible, wants to visit his Mum more frequently (understandable), wants to go for a drive most days during his holiday.
Today was a case in point, I usually get up around 6 or 7 o'clock, my L&M gets up around 8. This morning he brought me a cup of tea in bed before 7, I took the hint & got up, we had breakfast & my L&M announced we should do a shop in Aldi & save some money. I do sometimes shop in Lidl & Aldi, but as my L&M is a label queen I have been singularly unable to persuade him to try any brand that he doesn't recognise. 
Recently though a family friend has been extolling the benefits of Aldi shopping & so suddenly we have to go there. I agree but say I don't want to leave home until 10ish as my stomach was a bit uncomfortable, we set off just before 9, in torrential rain, I have a rough idea where we are going, my L&M knows exactly where Aldi is so we drive past it, turn around & find it on the return journey!
I need only milk, mushrooms & onions, so I let my L&M choose what he wants to put in the trolley & I added just the few items I needed. He bought pork chops, belly pork, pork sausages & pork ribs (dunno what I'm eating for the rest of the week, I can't eat pork, lol)  he also bought some biscuits, crisps & bread, so far he's quite happy with what he's bought, so maybe he'll be prepared to eat more unbranded stuff from now on.
Anyway, I digress, back to the co-pilot perils, as I said we drove to Aldi in torrential rain, being lazy, I drive with my lights & wipers on auto, it's all I can do to keep up with the co-pilots questions/complaints without having to manage anything else.
'Have you got lights on?'
'How can you tell?'
'There's a light on, on the dash'
'Where, what light, I can't see it'
I point to the light.
'Where's the temperature gauge?'
'On the dash'
'I can't see it'
'Well it only lights up if there is a problem'
'That can't be right, what does it say in the manual?'
'That the gauge will only light up if there's a problem'
'Why are the wipers going so fast?'
'They are on auto, I'm not sure why they are going so fast'
'Well they'll break, turn them down'
'I'm trying'
'Well try again, if you'd read the manual you'd know what to do'

The manual is about 2 inches thick & I've read the bits I need. All the while my L&M is playing with the heating controls and is misting up the windscreen, fortunately I'm stopped at traffic lights & by the time they turn green he has managed to clear the windscreen but my feet are getting blasted with cold air & then hot air.
Tomorrow we have visitors, DD & the twins, so hopefully we won't have to drive anywhere!


Everyday life at Number 38 said...

HaHa. It must be a man thing. When Mark is a passenger he fiddles with every knob and button in the car while I'm driving. When I'm the passenger I only have to raise my hand to turn the radio volume up and I get a swift "what are you doing". xx

Rebecca said...

Lol, sounds like it is time for him to sit in the backseat with a gag in his mouth!

kelley said...

hmmm...sounds like you should have had him step out at the traffic light...

Pam said...

If anyone harps on at me about my driving I pull into the nearest parking space and invite them to walk. It never fails.

Linda Metcalf said...

Mine grabs the dash and acts as tho I'm driving too fast...drives me crazy! And when he shops with me he picks anything in the $1 bin he can find as "it's such a good deal"...costs twice as much when he's along :)

Anonymous said...

Agree entirely with Rebecca, Kelley and Pam. As for the food shopping; a tad selfish on his part?

cumbrian said...

My wife had the annoying habit of watching the speedo and commenting at frequent intervals "speed".

Just got a new car, and she can't see the speedo, it's driving her mad but regaining my sanity.


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