Monday, 18 August 2014

Busy in the kitchen

We planned to have a lazy day on Sunday, but things didn't go to plan. all in a good way though.
Firstly our SIL turned up to take some stuff to the tip for us, we got rid of a huge old TV, a broken table & a toilet & cistern, I'm so glad to have got rid of it all.
Secondly my L&M was changing the filters on the fish tank when part of the pump broke, so we had to drive to the nearest aquatic centre to buy a replacement part.
Lastly some friends arrived with a bag of damsons, along with some gin, sugar & the recipe to make some damson gin, I tried some of theirs last time we visited them & it was delicious.
The damsons then reminded my L&M that he'd seen loads of ripe blackberries in a nearby field.

So today I started of some damson gin & then I went to pick blackberries, I picked a couple of lbs & I'll probably pick the same tomorrow, I will still have picked less than a tenth of whats there so plenty left for other people.

Later I went round the local charity shops & found a gravy boat the goes with some of my china, a shirt that I have cut up to use in a quilt, a tall plastic jug & a doll, DGD has mentioned that she wished I had some Barbie dolls, I found the next best thing, I think it's Ariel, the little mermaid, so all in all a very successful couple of days.

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