Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What a Carfuffle

I received a letter  a few days ago about renewing my car insurance with Hastings, I phoned & explained that I didn't want to renew as I no longer had the car. Well what a kerfuffle ensued. 
First of all I was told there would be a cancellation fee. What! I explained that I wasn't cancelling, merely 'not renewing' so I didn't see how they could charge me a fee. 
Then I was accused of lying about the date when I 'sold' the car, I was told it was 'unlikely' that I had managed to sell the car on the day the insurance was due and therefore I'd committed fraud!
I patiently explained that I had sold my car to a family member therefore the date of sale was arranged to suit me. I was then accused of allowing that family member to drive the car without valid insurance.
I explained that my policy had covered myself & said family member and also that the car was in for repairs for a few days, so had been off the road & therefor no-one had been driving it for the last few days of the policy. 
Finally realising that they couldn't charge me for anything or keep me as a customer I suddenly started to get the spiel about how they'd love to help me if I I ever bought another car. 
At this point I let rip & explained that I would never use them to insure anything ever again after the appalling way I had been treated, I said if all their calls were recorded as they claimed then I suggested that our conversation should be used as an example of how not to treat a customer!


Frugally challenged said...

I recently had an equally bad experience with Hastings when I changed my car and they won't get my repeat business. I'm with them to my next renewal but after that even if i have to pay more I'm going elsewhere.

cumbrian said...

Swinton aren't any better, pack of grabbing bastartds the lot of them.

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