Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tag team twins

We've had the twins to stay, DD & SIL had a night in a nice hotel to celebrate SIL's birthday, I bought him a couple of books about Muhammad Ali. The twins arrived yesterday about lunchtime & left at lunchtime today. They were very good, but very tiring, yesterday I had toast for breakfast & all I managed after that was a few mouthfuls of cold baked beans & a twix. They went to bed about 8ish, my L&M & I went to bed minutes afterwards, they woke at 2am briefly but didn't want feeding, one twin went back to sleep almost immediately the other one decided the only place to sleep was beside Nana, in the crook of her arm so she could be rocked periodically..
Today, we had toast again for breakfast & once the twins had gone home I cooked brunch & then had a power nap.

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Linda Metcalf said...

I love having grands and the great grand but it can be exhausting!


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