Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wot, no dressmaking?

I've not been able to get on with my sewing, I have been offered a new sewing table, my current one is/was very narrow and had a very rough, damaged top. I gratefully accepted the new one & even though I knew I wouldn't be receiving it until 6th September, when my SIL did a tip run for us last Sunday he took my old table along with the other rubbish. I realised that this would leave me tableless, but the alternative meant having both tables for the foreseeable future & there isn't room in the spare room for two tables. 
Normally this wouldn't be a problem & I'd set my sewing machine up on the kitchen table, but of course the kitchen is currently 'Foraging Central' and is awash with maslin pans, kilner jars and suchlike.

Today I made 4 x 4 portion apple & blackberry crumbles.


jill said...

Sue, do you freeze the crumbles raw or baked?
I freeze pies unbaked but never thought to freeze crumbles.. hah!

Hard up Hester said...

Hi Jill, I do either, but these I froze unbaked.

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely. I batch cook two when I can


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