Monday, 21 September 2015

50 Shades of Stupid

It's been 'one of those days'.
Hubby's phone started ringing at 7 this morning. He wasn't meant to get to work until 1:30.
Two people phoned him to ask him to get to work immediately, there was water pouring through the ceiling.
He called downstairs 'Don't go without me, I need to get to work'.
'There is water pouring through the ceiling of the maths department, they think it's rain water' he laughed.
I turned to him, 'You are joking' I said, 'It's not raining and anyway there is another floor of class rooms above maths'.
He shrugged and we set off for work. Once there he quickly found the problem, a pipe with a hole in it and called the plumber out.

At lunchtime a colleague was asking me about my son's job as a firefighter. I explained that when DS is on call, he has to be able to get to work in 5 minutes.
'But if he's eating, it must take him 15 minutes to finish and get to work' she said.
I repeated that DS has to get to work in 5 minutes.
'But it must take him longer than that if he's asleep, and even if it takes him 10 minutes and there are 4 firefighters arriving then that would be 40 minutes before the fire engine could set off' she added 'Every second counts in a fire, 40 minutes is just not good enough'.
There are only so many times I can say 'DS has to get to work in 5 minutes when he is on call' before I'm suffering from the urge to scream, also all the firefighters get to work at the same time, not one after the other, so where she got the 40 minutes from, I still wondering.


Poppypatchwork said...

Some people, I say shaking my head!!!

veeknits19 said...

What a worrying lack of ability to comprehend something so clearly stated. Makes you want to scream? Vee x

Anonymous said...

As my DD says, " Theses people walk the earth and frightenly they have the vote"!!

Pam said...

The worst thing is that they breed.

Everyday life at Number 38 said...

Haha, just for fun you could ask her the egg question and see what she says. You know the one, "if one egg in a pan takes 3 minutes to boil, how many minutes would 3 eggs in the pan take" and see what she comes up with. xx

Anonymous said...

Aw just give up and save your breath because you can't fix STUPID !

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