Thursday, 24 September 2015

There is nothing like a quiet night in!

And tonight has been nothing like quiet.
First my grandson arrived unexpectedly, he was supposed to be doing something after school that was cancelled, he knew there would be no-one at his house so he had the sense to walk to my house.
I cooked HM fish & chips for tea, I helped hubby downstairs to eat it and then helped him back to bed.
I took DGS to meet his mum at the barbers at 5.
I went shopping to buy some butter so I could make cakes for the Macmillan cake sale tomorrow.
I took hubby a cuppa upstairs and then a coke.
I then went to DS's house to feed his cats, for the first time, both cats came down for a cuddle, it's the first time I've seen the ginger tom, he is usually too nervous.
I came home and made hubby another cuppa, then I made 2 dozen choc chip cookies and 2 dozen cherry muffins, they are cooking as I type.
It's gone 9 o'clock, I still need to do my online banking and make another extra mortgage payment.

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Everyday life at Number 38 said...

That's a busy evening. Hope you managed to get your feet up for half an hour. Men make such terrible patients, hope hubby starts to feel better soon. xx

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