Thursday, 17 May 2018

Tap, tap, tap.

I was sat in my chair relaxing, I was up at 5 and set off to DD's about 5:30. She flew out to Amsterdam at 3am, I needed to be at hers in time for her husband to get to work.
The children got up and dressed and were dropped at school. I took the youngest dgd to the park, we had a picnic lunch and at 12:15 I dropped her at nursery and then returned home.
I've done four loads of washing and got most of it dry on the whirly.
So I thought I deserved a rest, someone else decided otherwise. There was a tap tap tap beside my chair, I stood up and looked out the window. Daddy swan wanted feeding so he tapped on the side of the boat to attract my attention.
Now he's been fed I will put my feet up for a while before I go to collect CHS later.


Frugal in Essex Tania said...

Both my daughter's have been away on business this week and I've been dashing around picking children up, sleeping in a strange bed etc. It never stops!

justjill said...

Christ you look after swans too....x

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