Saturday 25 March 2023

Good days and bad.

Steve had a couple of bad days, he could have started an argument in an empty room. 

He ranted on and on, everything was wrong!

I'm pretty sure our neighbours can hear him as one of them phoned and persuaded Steve to go and help him in the garden for a few hours.

By yesterday he'd calmed down, he was very chatty and talked non-stop all day. I smiled and nodded, there is no point in me replying as he can't hear me. Not that he is deaf, you understand, I just don't speak clearly.

I was wiped out yesterday as the foxes outside our bedroom window were very active and disturbed Beano, so I'd had very little sleep. I took Beano out twice at 3am and again at 4:30, he paced around, sniffing for the foxes but they were well hidden. I tried sleeping on the sofa in the hopes that Beano would sleep if he couldn't hear them but to no avail.

So I achieved very little y'day apart from dog walking, I could have done with a nana nap during the day but couldn't sleep through Steve's constant chattering.


Ana Dunk said...

You are not alone in your sleeplessness. I was awake at around 4 a.m. for a bathroom break and then found I could not stop my mind from worrying about everything I could think of to worry about. At 5:30 I made another trip to the bathroom and this time knew sleep would not be coming, so I turned on the light and read until 7. My two kitties took turns trying to convince me it really was breakfast time at that ungodly hour and/or playing find the toes under the blanket and napping brief little cat naps next to me. I would love a nap later on today, but probably won't get one because daughter and hubby are coming here to do some renovation in my home. It will be hard to nap with hammering and sawing going on.

Ellen D. said...

You and Beano need one of those sleep machines (or a fan) to drown out the noises so you both sleep better.

Joyce said...

Sleep machine or static on the TV might give you the white noise sound. Naps are great!

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