Monday 13 March 2023

Twisty toes.

The toes on my left foot are painful, they are twisting again.

Probably the result of wearing FMheels  for a few years.

Nemmind, it was fun while it lasted.

I now own some very comfortable blue suede Mary Janes, wide fitting shoes and of course I still wear Skechers for dog walking.

It's milder here though I don't know how long for but it is incredibly windy, the path was littered with twigs when I walked Beano. I collected the biggest and moved them to save anyone tripping.

Steve spent some time in the garden y'day, I didn't join him even though he wanted me to. He only wants me there to moan at if things don't go as he wants. I didn't want another run in with Bob the Knob as I would only lose my temper.


Ellen D. said...

Hope a bit of happiness comes into your life today!

Lyssa Medana said...

Sending good vibes and scritches for Beano.

Sometimes men just need an audience.

Chris said...

Ouch! Your toes sound painful - hope it`s not a permanent condition. Glad you got your walk with Beano despite the wind. I`m sure he was grateful.

Siebrie said...

Would magnesium oil help for your toes? You just rub it on; it's wonderful against crampy toes!

For the deteriorating eyes: would it be wise to already look into speech-to-written-word and vv programmes or apps for your computer? I realise your ears are also deteriorating, but it may just help you stay connected a bit longer?

Cheryl Seaman said...

Hester, are you ok? it has been over 10 days since you have written and that worries me!!

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