Monday, 10 July 2017

Another space saver

I replaced the shower curtain on the boat, the old one was plastic and clung to whoever was in the shower.
I swapped it for a white waffle fabric one, but the new one was was way too long.
I cut it to length, hemmed it and them made this toilet roll holder with the fabric I cut off.
It fits in the space between he shower and the window.
CHS put a hook in the ceiling to hang the toilet roll holder from.


Frugal in Essex said...

Great idea and good use of fabric.

justjill said...


galant said...

That would be serious money if it had been sold by a major company, Hester! Well done, you!
Margaret P

Amy said...

Brilliant!! I meant to comment on your post about making a little bit of money by asking if CHS had already retired and I missed the blog post.

Marilyn Bennett said...

Very inventive. Waste not, want not. I love using up 'stuff' which would otherwise end up in the bin.
I love your blog, read it all the time but don't comment very often.


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