Thursday, 20 July 2017

Piddling wet through

It was raining this morning as I set off for work and as I have to walk along the jetty and across the car park to get to my car I decided to dig out my cagoule.

Could I find it? Could I feck!

We have a wet cupboard where we keep out coats, it's just by the back door.

My cagoule should be in there, in fact my cagoule probably is in there but it is totally buried.

So I got piddling wet through going to my car.

You may remember that when I decluttered ready to move on to the boat I discovered that CHS had 17 winter coats and jackets.

I donated ten to our local homeless charity, this was sometime last summer.

It seems that in the interim CHS has acquired yet more winter coats, there are 12 of the buggers in the wet cupboard and not one of them is mine.

So I got piddling wet through walking to the car, when I mentioned this to CHS he suggested I use an umbrella.

Unfortunately as I was carrying my hand bag, my lunch, the rubbish to put in the skip and the keys to get out the marina I didn't have a free hand to carry an umbrella and even if I did it is also buried in the wet cupboard UNDER HIS 12 COATS!!


justjill said...

I would have thrown them all outside til I got to mine own. x

galant said...

How can anyone have acquired those coats since you decluttered? Is he acquiring them on the quiet? Has he a thing for donkey jackets, pea coats, cagoules, duffle coats, covert coats, etc? Maybe he collects them and has to have one of each kind of coat? Soon there will be a morning coat complete with top hat, a Norfolk jacket, a trench, even a black leather blouson, a bit like Marlon Brando's in On the Waterfront ...
Margaret P

Dc said...

11 of the 12 would have been throw into the canal!

Hard up Hester said...

I can only assume he had more coats at work as he certainly hasn't shopped for any recently.

Rambler said...

I would have donned one of his more reputable coats to save me getting wet.
He probably wouldn't notice. ;)


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