Monday, 31 July 2017

Cynical? Moi? Never!!

My beloved is a trusting little soul, he thinks he's cynical and suspicious but he isn't, not at all.

We are gradually meeting other boaters on the marina, especially CHS as he is usually working on the out side of the boat, I'm usually inside.

A nearby boater is being done up, it's a wreck, but the owner claims he wanted a project to work on.

He came over one afternoon to tell us all about the boats history, and his.

He invited CHS over to see his boat the next day, 'He seems like a nice bloke' said CHS. 'Yes' I replied 'But I think he's looking for free labour to help him do up his boat'. 'Surely not' said CHS.

The following day CHS went to see the boat, forewarned was forearmed, sure enough help was sought. Now CHS is always willing to help people with something quick, but this is a 10 year project and the owner is looking for a regular commitment every weekend.

I just cannot help being suspicious of everybody's motives.


Frugal in Essex said...

Unfortunately my training as an Immigration Officer many years ago taught me never to take things at face value, question, question and question again. As you say like you I am willing to help anyone in trouble but on a one off situation.

Bonnie said...

I'd be cynical too.In fact my ex boss called me it, n thought it was an insult 😂😁

Anonymous said...

I worked in social housing so I'm not only cynical but a hard hearted person to boot - I've heard every sob story going as to why someone can't pay their rent......still evicted them when they didn't pay, no matter how tears they summoned up - tell your Hubby to be wise - that guys a user
Sandra xx

bbarna said...

He could always do what my husband does...stand around with a beer in hand, and supervise.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Forewarned was forearmed luckily Hester.

Hard up Hester said...

Bbarna, yep, he'd be good at that, lol!

Tania, I don't envy you that job.

Sandra, I temped in a housing assoc office, I was told not to keep the fan on my desk as someone might throw it at me!!

Sally, I count it as a compliment!

Weave, he was grateful otherwise he'd have been signed up before he realised.


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