Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Catch up

We moored at Midgham lock for a week after we'd had the boat blacked. One day whilst we were there two hire boats came through the lock together, having a race. Despite us having a chain tethering the back of the boat to the Armco an 3 pins tethering the middle and front of the boat, their speed and stupidity pulled all three pins out and the brand new blacking was badly scratched. I phoned the hire boat company to complain but they were totally disinterested. I really think it is irresponsible to hire boats out to lads on a stag weekend.
We moved on after a week and are now on a rather overgrown mooring at the moment but it is nice and peaceful here and we have to move on again in a week.

DD2 is back from her business trip to Hong Kong and the China mainland, she's jetlagged but ok and had a wonderful time. I wasn't needed for childcare as her husband took time off work. I am however babysitting on Saturday night, 6 until midnight.

DD1 is going to a wedding soon, she's not looking forward to it, its on the inlaws side of the family. They are very shallow and look down on DD as they don't see any worth in her being a foster carer. They only appreciate people who wear designer gear and work in the fashion/tv industry. DD has trouble biting her tongue sometimes.


Margie from Toronto said...

Can you film at all on your phone? Next time idiots like that come through the locks - film them and send it to the police, along with with hire company and then inform them they'll be hearing from your insurance company about compensation for damage - why can't idiots like that just stay in a pub instead of venturing out to endanger and annoy everyone else!

DD1 does a fantastic job with those children and she should be proud of herself. If the in-laws are that shallow it's their problem not hers. But - on the other hand - couldn't you come up with a few zingers for her to use rather than her having to bite her tongue all night? It might shut them up for once! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a shame your stay at Midgham was spoilt like that!

Can you report them to the C&R trust as well? A complaint to the hire company from them, that may endanger their licence to hire might make them a little more interested!

DD1 is worth far more than those shallow fools - she knows it as do her other-half & those who matter xx


Col said...

My in laws are/were weird, there's no warmth at all, not even toward my husband, who's their only child. My mother in law died in late August 2002, and three weeks later, father in law booked a holiday with a new woman! I knew they didn't have the most loving relationship, but hell's teeth, that was a bit quick!
It's my mother in law's whole family though, they think they're superior to everyone, and are all cold in the extreme.
When he was eighteen years old, my husband (obviously not my husband at that time, we'd not even met then) was told by his mother that her pregnancy with him had ruined her figure, the C-section birth had left her with a scar that meant no more bikinis, and that she only had a child because it was the expected 'thing to do'! Can you believe that? What a mother hey?
He was brought up to worship his parents though, and it's taken me thirty five years to get him to realise that it was wrong. Even now, if his dad shouts "s**t" my husband will 'jump on the shovel'! Well, he used to, it's taken the threat of me telling him that if he doesn't stop that, and start putting me, our son and our grandson ahead of his idiot father he'll be moving in to live with his dad, as I won't tolerate it anymore. He doesn't dash off to his father deliberately to hurt me or our family, he's been brainwashed since birth, but now enough's enough!
So, believe me, I know all about weird in laws, so tell your daughter from me, unless it will upset her husband, not to bite her tongue, if they're sharp with her, be sharp back. She's doing a wonderful, caring, worthwhile thing, and they're shallow and not worth listening to!
If I had my time over, I'd still marry my husband, because he's lovely, but I'd have put my foot down and answered back to his parents long, long before I did. I never go with him when husband visits his father, if I never see that man again it will be too soon!

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