Sunday 11 October 2020

A meal out with entertaiment included.

 We went out for breakfast today, we are moored near a canal side cafe so we didn't have to go far.

There is a waterpoint  in the cafe garden, the CRT promised to move the fence so the waterpoint outside of the cafe gardens. That was a couple of years ago a nd the cafe owner is still waiting.

Whilst we were enjoying our breakfast another boater came along with a bucket. He turned on the tap and proceeded with his weekly wash. Some of the cafe customers were horrified, I just kept thinking how cold his hands must be doing all that washing in cold water.


Living Alone in Your 60's said...

Brrrrr, I'm cold just thinking about it. It was good that you've been out and about.

justjill said...

What fun! Love something a bit different. Raises a smile does it not.

mamasmercantile said...

Now that is what I call brave or stupid I can't decide....brrr!!!!

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