Thursday, 29 October 2020

Capelet pattern info

 The pattern for the capelet came from Ravelry, if you search for Outlander there are nine pages of Outlander inspired patterns.

I used the one for Brianna's Reunion Capelet as it was free.

I've not watched Outlander or read the books but they have a huge following I believe.


Pat said...

Thank you! I'll go and look.
I haven't heard of Outlander, I'm assuming it's a television programme based on books. I watch very little telly but do read copiously so I'll look at that too.

50 and counting said...

The first book in the series is the best. Outlander or Cross Stitch (as it was called in the UK) by Diana Gabaldon. I've read all of her others but the first is the best.

There are five series of the programme. Seasons one and two are the best in my opinion. The costumes and scenery are beautiful.

linda said...

I also liked the outlander books.
Good read.


Lynda said...

Loved the cape let!
The first Outlander book is great, and an easy read..I’ve found them to be harder and harder going as I tried to read the subsequent ones.....
So good to read all of your posts!


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