Saturday 17 October 2020

Emptying the rubbish and wardrobe contents

 No nipping out to the garden to the bins for us, the rubbish point is near where we park the car, so it's quite a hike, it make you very conscious of how much you throw away.

Rambler I get very irritated by people who assume life on a boat is idyllic but have no idea of the reality.

My clothing section of the wardrobe has six shelves, the top one contains a net underskirt from a wedding dress and some pink chiffon. The next shelf contains my hats, scarves and gloves. Under that a shelf with my three long sleeve t-shirts, three short sleeve t-shirts, two vest tops, one jumper and one sweat shirt. The following one contains four pairs of leggings and two pairs of shorts ( these are actually cut down leggings). The last  two shelves contain finished lap blankets and a basket of assorted fabric.


justjill said...

I need to prune to get to this! And some breath to do it with.

flis said...

You must be very organised to live on a boat.I don't think I could condense my stuff.I live in chaos in a house x

Chris said...

This morning I couldn't find anything to wear but that doesn't mean I don't need to do a clearing out!

Debby said...

We have a camper (caravan) set up at our retirement property. The small house there is old and it has snakes, and I refuse to live in it. We will build a small house there in one year's time.

Although the camper is a very nice one, it is a small. In some ways it is nice to 'live small'. It forces you to decide what is necessary and what is not. In another way,'s SMALL. It's a snap to tidy up...but the slightest bit of clutter makes it look very untidy. Plusses and minuses.

We had some excavating work done and the fellow asked if we were going to move into the camper permanently. My answer was a very quick no. We will be downsizing, of course, but I need a bit more space than that caravan (or your houseboat) would provide.

I salute you and the minimalists of the world. I'm not quite there yet.


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