Sunday 4 October 2020

It's hell out there I tell you, hell

 We have short bursts of intermittent wifi, we went to the marina for a pump out, I spoke to someone who used to live there on her boat. She has to work from home because of covid, she has phones on Vodafone, O2, Three and EE she still cannot get enough signal to work from her boat so has had to move in with her mum. So it seems to be a general problem, not just us.

We went to town to get Steve's phone sorted out yet again. Into the Three shop, all masked up and plastic screens between us. That's fine but there is music playing which makes it difficult for us to hear and I can't lip read because of the masks. There is a very voluble African matron at the next desk, she keeps repeating that she is a queen in her own country and so deserves respect. In the queue behind there this is a chap who is heatedly  discussing a recording contract that has gone tits up. I have no idea if the problem with Steve's phone has been sorted.

We are also having TV problems, the satellite motor stopped working so the dish wouldn't open or close or turn to lock on to a signal. So I could only watch programs I'd recorded. Then Steve's friend Bob visited and suggested a fire stick, we already have one so Bob tried to get it working, this meant finding an electric extension because our tv is so old. Eventually he got it working but he could only get one line of subtitles showing so not much good for me. Also I only watch tv occasionally and having to press eleventy billion buttons across three different channel changers really put me off. So Bob persuaded Steve to buy some Bluetooth headphones, these duly arrived, in attempting to set them up Steve used the handle of a wooden spoon to ram a cable through a hole in the shelf and in doing so disconnected all manner of other things! Now I am unable to change channels, the DVD player doesn't work and there is no volume at all for the headphones to transmit and there are now even more buttons to press.I

We have torrential rain it's forecast to last until friday, parts of the river and canal are yellow boarded as it is too dangerous to navigate. We cannot move because the flow is too fast. Someone in a nearby house has complained about the smell of woodsmoke, we aren't burning wood  but she wants us to turn the stove off even though it's our only means of heat. She has also complained about us running the engine for an hour a day so we can charge our kindles  and have lights on at night.

I just love people who buy a house near the canal and then complain endlessly about the boats, the fishermen, the people on the towpath and the noise of the ducks quacking!

I shall post this quickly before I lose signal again.


keth said...

Hester: legally you can ask people to lower their masks in order to talk to you - there is a legal exception for people who have hearing difficulties. You can also (although I don't know how successful this might be) ask to be taken to a quiet room so that you can talk quietly with the staff members. The rest all sounds very frustrating - hope it gets sorted out sooner or later!

crafty cat corner said...

Yes, Keth is right. I don't wear a mask as Tom would not know what the hell I was saying as he is deaf. I've never been challenged by anyone and we've been to several supermarkets.
Tom doesn't wear one either as he's on oxygen and he'd pass out I think if he had to wear one, so we are often the only people in the shop without masks.
As for modern gadgets, I get thoroughly fed up with all of it. I admit I would be lost without my desktop but I sometimes feel like chucking the whole lot in the bin. lol
People complaining is par for the course these days, everyone is so selfish.
Hope you get sorted out soon.

Col said...

I'd be very tempted to tell the stupid moany woman that she made her bed when she bought a house with a canal at the bottom of her garden!
Seriously, people are being such twats these days, about just about everything, and the 'I, Me, Myself' attitude of some is just astonishing!
We went to B&Q a few days ago to get some tiles to put on a kitchen window ledge. We were masked and gloved up, as were the staff and most customers. Tiles were chosen in seconds (knew exactly what I wanted), so went to choose the tile trim. We had been standing there for about 1 minute when a 'male of the species' (I won't insult men, this weaselly git was not a man at all) not wearing a mask, walked right up beside me, so close that he actually bumped against me. I stepped back slightly and asked very politely if he would mind waiting for us to choose our trim and move out of his way. I got a mouthful of abuse, and told that "I'm here, and I'm staying here, if you don't like it, you move, because I don't give a shit about you"! I was in no mood to be messed about, having already dealt with a total foul up at our surgery when they had moved the location for our flu jabs to be done, but hadn't notified us, causing us a 12 mile drive, when the correct place was half a mile for our home!
Therefore, when the idiot started I walked away and asked a member of staff if it could be sorted out for me. As soon as the member of staff walked towards him, he turned tail and practically ran out of the store, even dashing out of the 'in' part of the one way system designed to keep us all safe. He was just an absolute cowardly, obnoxious slug, probably in his late thirties, and by his build he obviously works out, but saw fit to treat a woman old enough to be his mother in that way!
I understand that Covid is getting people down, but we're in an area of Cheshire which has extra restrictions placed on us as cases are rising fast here, and this moron isn't doing a damn thing to help.
People! Why are so many of them horrible? X

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yo have my sympathy Hester. I too am very deaf and it is frustrating, especially as specs and hearing aids and masks really don't go together.

Sewing mamie said...

I suspect you are more restrained than me I would have told the woman that it was none of her business what I was burning , and that she should be glad I was only running the motor for an hour a day .

Anonymous said...

I used to be a Town Clerk and you would not believe (actually you probably would) the number of people who bought houses next to the recreation grounds because they liked the open aspect and then complained about the children on the play equipment and the people playing football. One woman took the biscuit though by complaining that a tree in the recreation ground was shedding it's leaves into her garden. I found it quite hard to be polite to her.


Debby said...

It seems as if everyone is short on patience in these strange days. Sometimes my quarantining has nothing to do with covid.

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