Saturday, 31 October 2020

Winter mooring

We made it, we're in the marina, last year we were here from the end of October until the end of June. Hopefully we will only be here until February and weather permitting we will get out for a few days.

The fuel boat arrived yesterday morning, he was going back to base to restock. We bought four bags of coal and filled up with diesel, £100 in total. We locked six hire boats through Padworth lock so there was room for us to pass. Then went through the swing bridge, got into the next lock, I was about to close the gate when I noticed another boat approaching the bridge so we waited for them.  Because we are 10ft wide, Aldermaston lock is one of the few locks big enough for us to share with another boat. 

We let them go first as they are trying to get through before the winter stoppages at Crofton come in to force tomorrow so they  are travelling from 6am until it gets dark. We arrived in the marina and got a pump out, £20 and then moored up in our place. We closed the front and back covers by which time Beano was getting impatient, I let him out and he checked out the entire marina to see which of his friends are still here.
I then made  sandwiches for lunch, after we'd eaten Beano and I walked back to get my car and then did some shopping. The immersion heater is on so we have hot water, woohoo.
I shall have a shower after I've walked Beano. I shall strip the bed, do a couple of loads of washing on a hot wash as we have shore power and sweep and mop the floor. Beano will have a few walks and I shall do some more crochet.


Amanda said...

Sounds like you're getting all snuggled down for the winter. Sort of like June in Florida, when your Hurricane Shelf is all well-stocked and ready. And having gone without hot water thanks to the hurricanes, I can appreciate your enjoying having it again. Hot water out of the tap is in my opinion one of the 2 or 3 very best things about modern life.

Debby said...

Such a fascinating way to live. My aunt and uncle had a 'caravan'. We call them campers here. They wintered in a Florida park and drove back up to our area for the summers. Do houseboats have their 'spots'? Do you know the people in your winter marina? Or are you headed someplace new all the time?

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is a bit easier now and you can find more time to relax x

Mary Bolton said...

Thanks for the capelet pattern info. It will be my next project.


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