Friday, 4 June 2021

Under threat

 I'm not sure if this will post, we have moved from an area of no signal at all to an area of occasional signal.

I am under threat of arrest again from HRMC, their agents are on their way unless I press 1. I'm not sure where they are on their way to but hopefully they can meet up with the agents from National Insurance and have a chat whilst they look for me!

I've also been threatened with arrest by the local police, a passing dog walker informed me that she was phoning the police to report the dangerous dog I have on board. She was upset that Beano, who was on the boat behind a baby gate, barked at her dog as it had the temerity to walk up our gang plank. She shouted at me to get a muzzle for Beano, so in a calm and reasonable manner I suggested she should wear a muzzle. She is also reporting me for being a dirty gypsy and using bad language. I shall be annoyed if she wastes police time over this.

Steve is also being threatened but by the DWP, letters and phone calls are still being received with regards to his ESA claim, his benefit will be stopped forthwith as he isn't supplying the documentary evidence they require. That will be because he isn't claiming ESA or anything else for that matter. Every time someone phones, he explains that he isn't making a claim. They apologise and assure him that they will sort it out but a couple of days later and someone else phones with the same questions.


Sue in Suffolk said...

So if you disappear from Blogland it might not be because there is no signal!!

Jane McLellan said...

Goodness, you’re living dangerous lives!

lindsey said...

It surprises me that you are not tearing your hair out. Once we are in someone’s computer system it seems to be impossible to get out of it. Madness! It must be lovely on the canals in this sunny weather (mad over owners not withstanding).

ana s. said...

Imagine the money they are wasting following up on erroneous file information. Pretty sad.

Debby said...

We are being threatened with the fact that our 'security software' is expiring, and that $1500 is being taken from our bank accounts unless we call xxx xxx xxxx immediately. Number one, we don't have security software, number two, they don't have any banking information (we think their aim is for us to provide some), and number three, we've been receiving these calls for weeks now, and despite the fact that our software has "expired yesterday" for several weeks now, our bank account remains untouched.

When the police show up to arrest me for my taxes, I'm going to tell them about these other phone calls. But they haven't shown up either.

pollyanna said...

Oh Hesrer we did suggest you should invest in the Pink suede corset! That would stop fake HMRC in their tracks. I wouldn't be surprised if the shouty dog walker isn't already known to local police.
Cometh the hour cometh the fakers and there have been many of them around. I do feel sorry for those who fall for these scams though, often those with little to lose.
Chin up Titus Out. Take care .

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Oh dear, challenging times. May I steal that one from you...I know a couple of people who could do with being told to put their muzzles on. :)

Joyce said...

I received notification that my “ corncast” account was expiring and something something to do with “ Mircosoft”
I had to look at this mess three times before I could figure out just what wasn’t right!
If they want my money, they’re going to need to learn to spell!

Moved again

We had no wifi at our last mooring spot so I couldn't post. It was a lovely spot and we were near people we know so Beano had a catch-up...