Saturday, 19 June 2021

Well that's a new one

Thanks for the links Ruth.

 I answered a phone  call today, something I rarely do.

Caller "Am I speaking to Mrs Jo"

Me " No"

Caller "We need to deliver some cash to you today will you be in"

Me "I think you have the wrong number"

Caller "No the cash is definitely for you, I just need to check we have the correct postcode and I need to confirm that you will be in"

Me "Can you swim?

Caller "I don't understand"

Me " I live on a boat, you will have to swim out to deliver the cash"

Dial tone!!!!


Chris said...

Good one, Hester! Sounds like a scam - what d'you think?

Sansthing said...

What I would call the perfect answer!

Cardinal Wolsey said...

I haven't had to use it much of late (since I generally keep my phone switched off) but I found that telling cold callers that they had a fantastic voice and then asking them what they were wearing usually got them to hang up quickly. For the few who persisted even after that I then tell them what _I_ am wearing (using some poetic licence of course). Never got repeat callers, so I think it probably got me on their firm's "blocked blacklist".

The Weaver of Grass said...

Very clever - might try it

Joyce said...

Oooh, Cardinal, you naughty person. I love it! Too damned many scammers out there; my MIL got stung but as she doesn’t drive, couldn’t get the gift cards the scammer wanted.

Dc said...

I reckon checking to burgle possibly, if you say you will be out. Obviously get somewhere with some people. Will have to try that answer myself if we get a call.

Bettina Groh said...

You are one smart lady!! Glad you thwarted the caller!

A Smaller Life said...

Absolutely brilliant :-)

Debby said...


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