Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Security questions updated

Endless  phone calls today, insurance company, car recovery company, repairs company.

Only one question really threw me, now I have Bluetooth hearing aids most people are easy to hear.

But I had to ask for the question to repeated a few times when the person I was speaking to asked Cofer Daya Berr?

No it wasn't a foreign accent just lazy diction, I really couldn't understand her at all. Eventually she said "When were you born?"

 I expect she thought I was stupid!

The full conversation went thus.

 "_I neetask securtquest" 

This translates to I need to ask security questions.


 Car reg?

 "Fsline yrades?"

 First line of your address.

"Cofer daya berr?

Confirm your date of birth.

There were no extra comments at all, she did not say, could you tell me, or,  what is your.

She just slurred the necessary questions into as few syllables as possible.

Obviously being a decrepit old fart of almost 70 years of age I found this very confusing and she obviously thought I was stupid.


Chris said...

I hate having to ask people to repeat things but, you are right, often it's their diction, not my hearing! Also I find people mumble terribly.

50 and counting said...

Well, I thought it was "what coffee do you buy" from the way you typed it.

Angela said...

"Could I have your date of birth?" I presume. I'm thinking of printing out the NATO alphabet, so I can refer to it when they ask me to spell things. I can never remember much beyond Julie Bravo Foxtrot Tango...

sweet blondie blue eyes said...

It drives me mad too, especially if it is someone from abroard. A Welsh or Irish accent gets to me as well and as for Liverpool, forget it!!

Rambler said...

I had a call yesterday and couldn't even render an approximation of what was said. An Asian / Indian accent introduced the caller as 'Kevin' then all I understood was 'details' 'phone' and 'your account'. I ended the call.

My Piece of Earth said...

People also talk much to fast for me and when you throw in an accent of some kind, nothing makes sense.

JanF said...

This is so funny! We are having our lawn sprinkler system fixed. Yesterday I got a call from a person I thought said he was
"Rick Kostalanski". I asked which company he was with, He was. Rick with Coastal Landscape!

The Weaver of Grass said...

There is never an excuse for slovenly speech.

Debby said...

I am surprised she got a job on the phones with speech like that.

Siebrie said...

Hester, you have such a way with words! Thank you, I needed that laugh today.

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