Monday, 24 January 2022


 I'm not going to bore everyone with constant mileage counts from my walks, now I've worked out the distances I shall just make sure I do between 5 and 10 km a day.

Back to the exciting things, today I'm getting my biggest casserole dish out today and boiling  my teatowels, I shall also do a washing load.

It's grey, overcast and cold today, I've boosted the stove but not turned the heating on yet, Steve may decide to put it on when he gets up.

We were due an engine service today but it's been moved until the first week in February, as long as it's done before March it will be ok.


Lynda said...

Can you tell me what you add to the water when you boil the tea towels? I assume it’s to whiten them? Still bitter cold here in the US...having a canal path right outside for walking would be lovely!

Ellen D. said...

It is snowing here today so no walk for me. I may get my workout by shoveling the driveway! Stay warm!

Lyssa Medana said...

At least the boiling water will warm up the air. I know there's a big push on to wash at a lower temperature, but something like teatowels need a decent amount of heat to get them properly clean. Good luck with the service.


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