Monday, 24 January 2022

Warm at last

 Ellen, we are due snow at some point but I'm not sure when.

Thank you Chloe's Nan, I keep adding bits to  it when I find something interesting, I keep all my spell making items in a cupboard in the bathroom.

Lynda, I'm old-school, today I've added an egg cup of bleach, sometimes I add washing soda but not both together.

Lyssa, yes they do and boiling the tea towels will use less power than a hot wash which seems to take hours.

It's been grey and raw here all day, even Beano only wanted short walks before returning to the boat. I slept badly last night because I was cold, the duvet had made a spirits attempt to cling to the floor so my only covering was a cotton sheet, eventually I put my dressing gown on and warmed up. Maybe I need a onesie but at my age I might not be able to get out of  it  in time when I need the toilet.

We had lamb on Sunday, it was much bigger piece than we ordered but it was price matched. It was a half leg so I boned it to make it easier to carve. It made Sunday's dinner, sandwiches for lunch today and tomorrow and I made a casserole for tea tonight. I had no onions so used dried, the last very sad carrot, some spinach and a couple of potatoes, it was tasty and filling.

I have half a punnet of aged mushrooms in the fridge, I shall slice them, soften them and serve them in warmed cream cheese tomorrow with whatever I can find in the freezer, probably a chicken breast.


Lyssa Medana said...

Your plan with the mushrooms sounds tasty. I can sleep with very little as long as my feet are warm. I'm thinking of getting a hot water bottle. When I am awake, I don't do well in the cold.

Ellen D. said...

It is very, very cold here too. I have to get out to the grocery store today and I am thinking a nice pot of chicken soup sounds good so I will buy the fixings for that. Stay warm, snug, and safe!

JanF said...

You do such wonderful meals , I am constantly impressed.

flis said...

I've got a nice thick onesie but it isn't convenient at all-my fleece pyjamas are much easier-I also wear my hood up on my dressing gown or cape x

ChickenMum said...

Would you consider using a sleeping bag instead of a duvet to keep you warm at night?


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