Sunday, 16 January 2022


 We aren't really sure what he is, a few people have suggested a Parsons JR but his legs are really short, he has twisted feet that look like Queen Ann Legs. I've also been told he's a good specimen of an old style JR. What ever he is he's well loved and very spoilt.

Today I've walked 8.87k over two walks with Beano so I need to do more, Steve only walked some of that as he didn't get up until 11 so only came on the 2nd walk. He complains he doesn't sleep well, I'm sure more fresh air and exercise would benefit him.

I've ordered some tee shirts, one says My crystal ball is telling me you are full of sh1t.

Roast beef with all the trimmings to eat today, Beano will get his share. He gets boiled potatoes, carrots and beef.  Steve wanted to carve the beef, this is fine but he always wants the entire kitchen emptied before he starts. He's like Sky Stallone getting ready for the battle in Rambo, removing his jumper and swathing himself in umpteen teatowels before he wields the carving knife.


Rambler said...

Oh dear! I can picture that scene of Steve preparing to carve the meat. (Although I have to confess he would drive me round the bend.) Sorry xxx

Lyssa Medana said...

Beano is a cutie! It's good that Steve is cutting the meat. It means that he's thinking about something, no matter how much he drives you nuts.

Jaccs said...

I have this vision of Steve looking like Freddy from nightmare on elm street, wielding his talons in a frenzy, slicing the meat 🥩😂, glad Beano had a great Sunday dinner, it will put hairs on his chest bless him!!

Margaret Butterworth said...

Re rude t-shirts: when I lived in Singapore years ago, I bought a t-shirt for my somewhat rude brother-in-law in Yorkshire. It read "Life is a bed of roses, but watch out for the pricks." He never wore it!


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