Monday, 17 January 2022


Rambler, he drives me round the bend too.

Jaccs, Steve doesn't get up any speed carving the joint, it's done very slowly.

Margaret I have a few rude teeshirts but the font on them is so ornate on them very few people realise what they say.

I read a comment on FB from someone celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary, she said " I have loved my husband for more than 20 years and there isn't a single day  of those 20 years that I haven't wanted to brain him and bury him under the patio.

I understand what she means. Every morning when Steve finally gets up, he walks into the living room and my heart lifts at the sight of him. I smile and say good morning,  he walks to the  clothes airer and starts to rearrange the washing I've just hung up. I immediately want to push him overboard!

I'm sure some people have perfect relationships with never a cross word. I don't!

it was a very frosty morning today, I put the heating on for an hour first thing then after walking Beano we took the boat across to a pump out, we emptied the rubbish and recycling and purchased 2 bags of coal, they will last us a week probably.

I paid our boat licence after lunch, it should be paid by automatic renewal but I've made alterations to it so I had to cancel it a and start again. Not long after the payment had gone through I received a phone call. It was a recorded message saying " This is the internet fraud department from your bank, your recent payment of £600 to Western Union has been stopped. Press 1 to speak to an advisor about this"

Needless to say I didn't press anything, I hung up.

I was told this morning that one of the nearby boaters died recently, he'd been unwell for the five years we've known him. I'm not sure what was wrong with him but I do know that the medication he was on was making him almost as unwell as his illness.



Lyssa Medana said...

There seem to be more and more scams going around these days. You have to be on your toes. Sending gentle scritches to Beano.

JanF said...

We re swamped with scam e mails and phone calls. I pick up the phone but don't speak . If it's someone legit they will say Hello but the scammers have to wait until you speak first.

Deborah said...

What is it with men and their re arranging? It drives me mad. My hubby comes home and leaves a trail of destruction in his path but then starts to re arrange all of my stuff. I’ll be cooking dinner and he starts to faff around near the sink rearranging the dishwasher while I’m trying to drain pans etc. Then he’ll walk into the room and rearrange paperwork I’ve left on the table to deal with, moving it around until I miss paying bills etc. Grrrr. X


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