Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Calling bullshit

 My car is still not ready, firstly they were waiting for parts.

Then I was told the parts have arrived and the car would be ready on 8th July, then the 15th July. Today I was told that they were waiting for parts. I explained that was wrong as they have used that excuse already. Then they changed it to the car is being re-sprayed.  

No it isnt, the vandalism didn't cause damage to the paintwork. I called bullshit, and told them to get on with the work.

Now the garage are blaming covid and saying the car cannot be collected and must be delivered, more bullshit!

I shall get my son to drive over to the garage and check it out. He's a trained mechanic and will find out what's going on

Jaccs has asked why I'm giving up driving.

I had macular traction in my left eye, I had surgery to correct it but the surgery failed, my retina was split instead. Because I had the surgery I'm now developing a cataract in that eye.

I have now developed macular traction in my right eye, because I had a severe reaction to the previous surgery and because it failed I am not eligible for further surgery.

I can still see well enough to drive for now but had decided to give up when I reached 70 later this year.

I have now decided to give up a few months earlier.



Frugal in Essex said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your eye problems. I feel for you and completely understand you wanting to give up driving. I hate night time driving but a friend has just told me about some glasses so I may invest in those.

Anonymous said...

My brother had a macula traction and had an operationx, which has left him with reduced field of vision.
When I developed the same complaint, I decided to not have surgery and low and behold it sorted itself out. I later found out the other eye had had the same problem and had also sorted itself out without any intervention. So keep your fingers crossed that your eye can do the same.

Anonymous said...

Ps when my brother had his op, they replaced his lens at the same time as they said it will just develop a cataract anyway, so might as well do it at the same time. Just a thought as it might improve your sight slightly in that eye.

lindsey said...

Good luck with your eye problems. You are very sensible to think to the future and make appropriate decisions. Hard but sensible. I admire your thinking and it’s no good hiding one’s head in the sand and much better to face changes head on. Best wishes x

Anonymous said...

My Mum gave up her license at 70 because of vision problems, but she had given up driving some time before that due to driving so little that it was not worth the cost of running & maintaining a car.

How disappointing for you that the surgery not only failed but made your problems worse!

mamasmercantile said...

So sorry to read about your eye problems. I must admit I am sick of listening to Covid excuses, it seems to be the trend of late.

A Smaller Life said...

So sorry to hear about your eye problems.

It's a hard decision to make to give up driving, we rely so much on our cars over the years don't we, but well done on making it yourself which is far better than being told you have to.

At least there will be no more trekking backwards and forwards to fetch the car from various parking spots and worrying about more vandalism when it's left.

Theresa Y said...

Call i like you see it. Bullshit indeed. Good idea to send someone who knows about cars and maybe whip a few behinds...sorry rough day at work. Hope you get your car soon.

Amanda said...

I have to applaud you for having the sense to realize your driving days are done and giving it up gracefully. My parents did not do this, and their driving terrified us. I both admire and am grateful to people who have the wit and grace to realize when it's time to stop.

kate steeper said...

Theres currently a huge problem with parts for cars trapped in the stockpiles at the docks , SIL works for a motor factors , stuff on order just doesnt turn up for weeks

JanF said...

My husband also had to give up driving at age 80. He had his license at age 14 in Michigan so it was a hard decision. I am now the sole driver and I am also a chicken driver ( no motorways). I can get us to all the shops we use, to friends houses and all the medical appointments in town, that is it. I am 76.

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